Rituale Nespresso

Anytime we travel, we always make it a top priority to find the best places to enjoy a long, nice breakfast. When we are at home, we are mostly rushing outside the door in the morning, but sometimes during the weekends we try to find time to make and enjoy a big brunch at home.This is why we decided to combine these two things and prepare two american inspired breakfasts in partnership with Nespresso: a LA style breakfast and a NY style breakfast.


Growing up, Andrea used to go to Positano every summer, where my family had a beach house. So, after being gone for so long (over 10 years), it was a really good feeling to go back with Francesco and show him around some of the places where I spent part of my childhood.

Florence with Gallery Hotel Art

A couple weeks ago we headed to Florence for a nice weekend getaway, and we stayed at the beautiful Gallery Hotel Art, part of the Lungarno Collection. The hotel is located in one of the best areas of Florence, in Vicolo dell’Oro, and it’s within walking distance from all the major touristic attractions… which means we never had to take a taxi, not even once!

Italian Riviera with Olympus PEN-F

This year Andrea and I decided to explore more of our beautiful country: Italy. It was really tricky to choose our first destination but since it’d been a while since we were by the sea, we opted for the Italian Riviera, specifically Portofino and Cinque Terre. I was very excited to partner with Olympus for this trip especially because I got the chance to test out the new Olympus PEN-F.

LONDON - what we saw

After being away from London for so long, we felt like this was the right time to go back. From the breathtaking sunset at Westminster Bridge to the pastel colored houses in Notting Hill to the vibrant life of Regent Street, the british capital did not disappoint.

SAN FRANCISCO - what we saw

Our #SFtoLAroadtrip starts here. San Francisco is a destination we’d been wanting to visit for so long, and getting to visit it for the first time, is one of those incredible moments we’ll remember for a lifetime. 


Close your eyes for a second and think about Napa County, what’s the first thing that pops up in your mind? Probably the wine, the green landscapes and sunshine. That's not exactly what we go, but it was beautiful regardless.


After a quick (very rainy) visit to Alcatraz, we got in our car and took the road on our way to Los Angeles; our first stop was Carmel. We were quite worried about driving in the rain, so we decided to take Route 101 instead of driving along the coast, which we were going to do the following day. 


Having heard so much about Big Sur, we’d been looking forward to seeing it and to finally driving along Highway 1. We were not disappointed. It is one of the most breathtaking places on Earth.

LOS ANGELES - what we saw I

We had so much fun during our first week in California, but when we got to Los Angeles, that’s when we got a feeling like we never wanted to go home. In this first post you can find our opinions about Santa Monica, Venice beach, LACMA and Abbot Kinney.

LOS ANGELES - what we saw II

Part II lets you discover more of what we did in Los Angels. From the pulsing heart of the Contemporary Art of Los Angeles, to the over the top luxury stores on Rodeo Drive to the breathtaking over-the-cliff sunsets in Malibu, this is a city where you’ll hardly get bored.


LOS ANGELES - where we had breakfast

Los Angeles is such a big city, that even though we spent 5 days there we didn’t manage to check out half the places we wanted to! The ones you can find below are still to be considered are top choices for breakfast / brunch or coffee


San Diego was probably the biggest surprise of my trip to California.
After spending 5 days in such a big, chaotic city like L.A., a little road trip to SD was a breath of fresh hair.