THE NETHERLANDS: how we explored most of the country in just 5 days


June was a busy month for us. We visited Marrakech, Florence and The Netherlands. We’d been to Amsterdam before, but this time we stopped in three different dutch destinations in partnership with Marriott Hotels. For each city that we visited, we are going to highlight the three must things to do, as per our experience, if you don’t have a lot of time. 


Our first stop was Amsterdam. Amsterdam is probably one of our favorite European capitals, and finally getting to see it in the warmer weather made it extra special. We stayed at Amsterdam Marriott Hotel, so we could walk everywhere! 

  1. Brunch at Metropolitain: let’s start off with food. We all know how important it easy to eat a good meal after being on a plane or while exploring a new city, this is why our brunch at Metropolitain gave us all the energy we needed after waking up at 4am to catch our flight to The Netherlands! Our top picks: the burger, the avo toast with bacon and eggs and the french toast. Rokin 81, 1012 KL Amsterdam
  2. Catch sunset on Damrak Canal: this is probably one of our favorite photo spots we’ve ever been to! The first time we got a picture here was November 2015, it was early in the morning and the water was super still and you could see reflections of golden beaming light all over the water. Going back for sunset was just as magical. The buildings look like gingerbread houses and everyone goes crazy for this picture!
  3. Climb The Old Church Tower: it’s in the heart of the Red Light District, and it’s the oldest building in the city. It offers several unique views of Amsterdam from above, and the ticket costs €10. 

After spending three days in Amsterdam, we took a train to The Hague, and for less than €15 and in less than 40 minutes we were there. We checked in at The Hague Marriott Hotel, and then we were ready to go!

The Hague is home to many different international judicial bodies, and it’s actually a very charming city full of surprises.

  1. Pistache Café: we didn’t do much research about The Hague, since it’s a small city we decided we’d just walk around and waited until something caught our attention. This pretty café definitely did! Let’s put it this way: you go there for the beautiful interiors, but you also stay for the delicious healthy food! Prinsestraat 134, 2513 CH Den Haag
  2. De Passage Den Haag: Galleria Vittorio II in Milan is probably the most beautiful passage we’ve seen, but the one in The Hague caught us by surprise. We didn’t even know it was there, and yet when we saw it… we knew we loved it! We spent the afternoon walking around the shopping district and admiring the beautiful architecture of this place. Passage 72, 2511 AA, Den Haag
  3. De Pier Scheveningen: when we arrived here, we swear that for a split second we thought we had traveled across the globe and somehow made it to California. This pier looks so much like the Santa Monica Pier, that even people from LA thought it was their pier on our IG stories and posts! We arrived here to catch sunset, and stayed for dinner until it got completely dark. Strandweg 150-154, 2586 JW Den Haag

We only spent one night in The Hague, and then we were off to our final destination: Rotterdam. You can either take the train or the subway to travel from Rotterdam to The Hague, it takes about 20 minutes and around €4. Easy, no? Staying at Rotterdam Marriott Hotel, we were right in front of the main station and it was so easy for us to walk everywhere! 

  1. Pierre Rotterdam: we had a nice, long brunch here on our first day. Instead of the usual burger or eggs with salmon, we both got the croque-monsieur with fries… so good!!! Pannekoekstraat 38A, 3011 LH, Rotterdam
  2. Cube Houses: the architecture of this place is brilliant and it’s incredible! We spent an entire morning here trying to get a good picture, everything is so symmetrical and yet so hard to capture. We kept wondering how people could actually live in these cube shaped homes. Just as we were leaving, we saw that there was a cube house museum, so we decided to go inside to check it out and… we don’t want to spoil the surprise! You’ll have to see for yourself. Overblaak 70, 3011 MH Rotterdam
  3. Windmills at Kinderjik: you need to take a boat to get here, it doesn’t take that long, and then you can spend hours walking around all the windmills. Some of them are open so you can even visit inside! Nederwaard 1, 2961 AS Kinderdijk