Island hopping in Greece: FOLEGANDROS

The two hour ferry ride from Ios to Folegandros was a nightmare!!! The sea was rough and people were getting sick so when we finally arrived we all breathed a sigh of relief.
Folegandros was probably the biggest and best surprise for us on this trip. We had no idea what to expect… which made discovering this tiny island even more special!

Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos

We stayed at Anemi Hotel, which was our little oasis for three days. The room was quite big and spacious, the pool was beautiful and the temperature of the water was perfect for a midday swim. The breakfast was probably the highlight of it all… you could choose from a multitude of dishes, both greek and traditional, and eat on the tables right by the pool. 

During the day we’d only leave the hotel for a few hours. The island of Folegandros is quite raw and you can really feel the authenticity of Greece. There is no beach that has sun beds and umbrellas, there is only one taxi on the entire island (we like to call this the “one taxi island”) and the easiest way to reach most places is by boat!
The first day we took THE taxi (we had to book it over an hour in advance!) that drove us to Agali beach, but once we got off we decided not to stop there. We took a 20 minute path that takes you to Agios Nikolas beach, with the possibility to stop at Galifos beach. Taking this walk is something we’d definitely do again because Agios Nikolaos beach was amazing and looking down at the sea made us want to jump right in.

Agali beach

Agali beach

On our second day we took a boat from Karavostasis port and spent a few hours at Katergo beach; the ride from the port to the beach was memorable… we felt like we were in Capri for a second! A little tip is to bring water and food with you, because there’s no restaurant or anything of that sort on this beach. It’s just you, other people and nature!


he biggest (and better) surprise in Folegandros was definitely Chora. We took the bus from our hotel and got there around golden hour and the light was stunning! It was so quiet still, so we had the chance to explore all the little alleys before heading to the top to see the sunset. It was a bit of a walk, so it’d be best to wear sneakers instead of sandals (which is what we were wearing).

The atmosphere at night was MAGICAL! Walking around before and after dinner felt just like being in a movie. There were a lot of families, couples and groups of friends. We’d say this is the perfect island for everybody and also one of the most beautiful islands in Greece!

We only spent 48 hours in Folegandros, and we really wish we'd spent one more day here. We were super excited to head to Milos next, but we would've loved to have an extra day in our beautiful hotel and having dinner in Chora!



  • Blue Cuisine, a little bit pricier than the other restaurants and it offers a more gourmet experience.
  • All the other restaurants were equally good, we think. Nothing worth noting, though.