Island hopping in Greece: MILOS

Milos was our last stop, and even though we would have loved one extra day in Folegandros, we were still really excited to explore!

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It’s really hard to find a place to stay in Milos, as everything books out months in advance, so we stayed at an airbnb in Adamas, since we only planned the trip about a month and a half before there weren’t a lot of options left. Next time, we’d love to stay at Melian Boutique Hotel in Pollonia, so even if we didn’t stay there, that is our hotel recommendation for the island! Adamas is also a port, so it’s really easy to get around the island from there.


In Milos you HAVE to rent a car, because you are going to want to explore all the beautiful beaches and spots all over the islands. Our favorite beaches were definitely:

  • Firopotamos; the water here is crystal clear and it’s quite warm. If you walk around you will also find beautiful cliffs with incredible views and where you can jump from!
  • Tsigrado; the only way to get here is to climb down not one, but two wooden ladders. It’s not too easy, and if you’re afraid of heights like me you’re going to be terrified, but in the end it is so worth it! I’m glad Francesco convinced me to go there, as it was even better than what it looked like from the top.
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  • Sarakiniko isn’t only a beach, it kind of feels like you’re walking on the moon here, as it’s characterized by its white volcanic rocks that take really unique shapes. We woke up super early in the morning and came here at sunrise, and there were already some people, but it’s the best time for photos as you can find empty spots and the light isn’t too harsh. We came back after lunch and swam in the blue water and only dared to watch people dive instead of doing it ourselves. We then came back again for sunset! Three times in a day, but each time was so unique that it felt like we were visiting it for the first time!
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  • Paliochori; it’s located on the south coast of the island and it was probably the biggest out of the three. We just rented two sunbeds and an umbrella and relaxed for the entire day.

Another tip for Milos is that, if you want sun beds and umbrellas, you should head to the beach early in the morning (9am/10am). We once tried to go later in the day and it was impossible to find a free spot!

A lot of people book a boat tour that takes you on a 360 journey around the island, and to all the beaches that aren’t accessible by car. Unfortunately we didn’t get to do this, as the sea was a bit rough and mostly all boat tours were sold out. Our suggestion is that you go to the port the night you arrive in Milos and decide what boat you want to go on and book it first thing.


Milos isn’t only beautiful during the day, it’s magical at night time as well. On our first night we went to Klima around 7pm and we waited for sunset here. Klima is a tiny fishermen village and the sunset was so beautiful we couldn’t believe our eyes! On our second day we watched the sunset in Sarakiniko, and on our last night we went to Pollonia.

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  • MEDUSA is the restaurant where we’ve probably had the best meal of the entire trip! It is located in Mandrakia (famous for its octopus) and it is sooo good! The dakos, grilled octopus, fried calamari and everything else was just delicious!
  • O! Hamos is a 5 minute drive from Adamas and you have to wait in line to get a table. I think we waited for over an hour, as they don’t take reservations but both the location and the food make it worth your while!!!
  • After watching sunset in Klima we drove up to Tripiti and had dinner here at Barriello Restaurant. We had salmon and veggies and it was the perfect mix of healthy and yummy.


This trip has been fantastic, we had a great time and although it was pretty tiring, it was so fun to do an island hopping for the first time. The biggest surprise was probably Folegandros, as we didn’t know what to expect and we ended up falling in love with this tiny island!

The best way to get around the islands is by ferry. We booked everything on and it was really easy, just beware that ferries are always late so be prepared to wait in the scorching hot weather! 

The longest distance was Milos - Santorini, the journey is two hours, but Milos doesn’t have any direct flights to Milan so we realized that the best way was to fly into Santorini and then fly out of Santorini! Luckily so, because at the end of our trip we were so sad to leave that we decided to extend our stay by one day and spend an extra night in Oia!

We were in Greece for two weeks in total, and it is just the right amount of time to get to explore the islands without stressing too much about time.