Island hopping in Greece: SANTORINI

After considering so many different destinations to visit for our Summer holidays, our final pick was Greece. It’s a country really close to our heart, because it’s where we spent one of our first summers together after we met years ago. 
There are an insane amount of beautiful islands in Greece, but deciding where to go wasn’t too hard: we both know we wanted to go back to Santorini, so we planned our entire trip starting from there.
We flew from Milan to Santorini and spent the first four days of our trip there.

Santorini is one of the most popular places on instagram, so it’s hard to say something that hasn’t already been said about it, but the one question we got the most was how we managed to take photos avoiding the crowds, and the answer is…

…we set our alarm around 6:30am the day after we arrived and we walked around, took photos at every corner we liked and enjoyed the beautiful first lights of the day in this paradise without worrying about being stuck in (human!) traffic. 

Oia is one of the most romantic and most beautiful places we’ve ever been, and going back after 5 years didn’t disappoint! We loved our night strolls after dinner in the tiny streets of the village and we loved swimming in the pool overlooking the Caldera. The only downside is that Santorini gets super crowded, especially at sunset, so we decided to stay here, a place that a lot of people recommended because you have access to gorgeous views, staying in the comfort of your suite. 

The second hotel we stayed at (which was our favorite) is Filotera Suites. Our suite had a beautiful jacuzzi and the hotel also has its own private pool, where we spent most of the day enjoying the view of Oia.


Another recommendation we have is that you visit Ammoudi Bay. You can easily walk down the cliff side from Oia to Ammoudi Bay Harbor. The steps are a little steep, especially on the way up, but it’s totally worth it. We had dinner here on our last night and as we were walking back to our hotel, we were missing Santorini so much already!

Since we stayed in Oia and didn’t feel like going to the beach we decided not to rent a car, and only took the bus one day when we went to Fira. But driving a car is definitely the best way to get around if you plan to take a lot of day trips and you don’t want to rely on busses. 


After spending four magical days in Santorini, Ios was our next stop...