NorCal - Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco

During the past three years, we’ve been to California more times than we can recall. It’s crazy to think how up until a few years ago, we’d been dreaming to visit and then you get to go to a place so often that it almost feels like home to you, instead of a destination you’re visiting!

A few weeks ago we embarked on a new journey to discover more of NorCal, and we got to explore more of San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley.


We left super early in the morning from Rome and landed in Los Angeles where we spent the first week of our trip, and this time we flew Norwegian and tried their premium economy class. Usually, whenever we can, we always try to fly business on our way to California as it is such a long flight, but with Norwegian we didn’t have to worry about any layovers as flew directly from Rome to LA and then from Oakland back to Rome.

Their premium economy class was great, and definitely much better than any other premium class we’ve tried before, you’re able to lay down almost completely flat, which allowed us to sleep for great part of the flight. 


The best part about staying in Oakland was that it was literally 20 minutes away from San Francisco, so we got to spend an entire day there, and then come back in time for Kygo’s concert which was so much fun, despite the rain!


We stayed at the beautiful Claremont Club & Spa; ideally nestled in the Oakland Hills and it’s just 12 miles from San Francisco! Which meant that we could actually see the Golden Gate from the restaurant AND from our room, which was amazing! The hotel is incredibly big, and the rooms were very spacious as were all the public areas.


Although we had so much fun in Oakland and we were really happy to see San Francisco again, I think the best part of our trip was spending time in Berkeley, and especially exploring the campus! Growing up in Europe, you always see American colleges on TV and you always hear about Berkeley, Harvard, Yale etc. so seeing it in person was an amazing experience that we’ll always cherish.


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This trips was supported by Master Consulting.