RITUALE NESPRESSO: our homemade American brunches


You all know how much we love the United States. We actually spend so much time there, that many people believe we live in New York! Unfortunately we don’t (yet!), but this doesn’t mean we can’t recreate something american the few times that we are at home.

Another thing we both really love is breakfast. Anytime we travel, we always make it a top priority to find the best places to enjoy a long, nice breakfast. When we are at home, we are mostly rushing outside the door in the morning, but sometimes during the weekends we try to find time to make and enjoy a big brunch at home.

This is why we decided to combine these two things and prepare two american inspired breakfasts in partnership with Nespresso: a LA style breakfast and a NY style breakfast.


For the LA inspired breakfast, we went for some healthier options: avocado toast (one of our personal favorites!), ricotta toast, fresh fruit, yogurt with berries and granola and, of course, since we are Italian, two croissants with jam.


As we were making breakfast, we kept talking about how excited we were about finally being able to make cappuccinos and lattes at home. We personally are big fans of both, but for the breakfast pictured we below, we decided to make two lattes, using the brand new limited edition capsules: Barista. This time we opted for the Barista Chiaro capsules, and, in our opinion, they also turned out being the best option for the drink. The latte was delicious; it was hot, but not so hot that you almost burn your tongue, and it was easy to digest.


As you can see, the new Lattissima One machine in dove gray not only is aesthetically beautiful, but it’s also super easy to use, and it looks especially nice sitting on this marble table in the kitchen.


Two weeks later, after traveling to Jordan and Rome, we came home and remembered that the last time we were in New York (2 months ago — even though it feels like a lifetime ago) we planned to go back for Halloween. Unfortunately, a few scheduling conflicts didn’t allow us to fly to the Big Apple, so it was time to make the New York inspired breakfast we were talking about!


This time the choices were a little unhealthier as we prepared a big cheesecake (best dessert ever!), sunny side up eggs with bacon, waffles with berries, chocolate chip cookies etc. 


And this also gave us the chance to give our white Lattissima One machine a spin after being away from home for the past fifteen days. This time we made cappuccinos using the limited edition Barista Corto capsules, and once again, we made the right choice.


To be completely honest with you, we had been trying to make a good cappuccino at home for years, but we never succeeded. We can now say that not only has the Lattissima One machine made this job super easy for us, but also super fast! It takes no longer than a handful of seconds until you can sip on a hot delicious home made cappuccino as soon as you wake up in the morning! :)