In October we sailed on our very first Viking River Cruise along the Danube!
It was a really amazing experience both on board and off board. We got to spend time with our dear friend Kael, and we also got to meet so many other nice people.
The best part of it all was that every day we got to see a new destination, and discover many nice little towns in Europe that we’d never visited before!

Day 1: BUDAPEST, Hungary.
We landed here in the morning and spent 24 hours in the city. 

Day 2: BUDAPEST, Hungary.
Right before sailing, very early in the morning of our second day, we walked up to the Fisherman’s Bastion, which was amazing!

Day 3: VIENNA, Austria.
Francesco had never been here before, and it was really nice to get to see Vienna in the Fall. We grabbed coffee at Burgring 1, and then had the best Wiener Schnitzel at Figlmüller. We then walked around the main shopping and touristy area, and finished the day at Schönbrunn Palace before heading back to the ship!

Day 4: KREMS, Austria.
Our favorite thing about Krems wasn’t so much the village itself, but the view we got from the ship as we were sailing there. It was SO foggy that morning, that we went up to the deck and couldn't stop taking photos. The fog and fall colors made it look like a fairytale!

ay 5: PASSAU, Germany.
We loved getting lost in the streets of Passau. This tiny and super quiet German town is a real gem. 

Day 6: REGENSBURG, Germany.
This town is super small, too. So our advice for this one is to just walk around. These German villages and unique and we loved all of them.

Day 7: NUREMBERG, Germany.
Nuremberg was probably one of our favorite spots. The city is a bit bigger than the three previous destinations, so we spent the entire day off the boat!

Day 8: NUREMBERG, Germany.
Time to check-out and go home. We were probably the last ones to leave the ship, as our flight wasn’t until later in the afternoon, so it was really sad to see everyone leave before us.