We are Andrea and Francesco, travel + lifestyle content creators based in Milan.


If you’re here, it’s probably because you know us from our instagram pages, @andretamburrini + @francinnocenti (previously known as @anddicted & @framboisejam). We’re two Italian content creators and influencers with a huge passion for all things fashion, travel, food and design.
When we first launched our instagram accounts in 2014, we had no idea this hobby would eventually become our fulltime job and thinking about it is still crazy to us. Back then, we were proud of saying that we only took pictures on our iPhones, but we’ve grown from it and eventually developed skills in professional photography. Thanks to our suggestive images, we always try to tell the most interesting stories to all of you who like to follow along our adventures!
Even though we explore the world together (and do mostly everything together), we have still developed two very unique and distinctive styles, that match our very different personalities.

andyjam.com was founded in early 2017, and it's a place where we delve deeper into our biggest passions and interests. We’re very excited to now have this personal space to play with.

Andrea is an Italian influencer and content creator based in Milan; with a big passion for fashion, travels and design, he developed strong skills in creative photography, which has led to his current job.

He always remarks that behind every picture he posts there’s a story, and that photos contain a much bigger message than what appears at first sight! 
After all, every photo is also a memory.

He likes to call himself a “globe trotter”, as he’s always trying to visit the best destinations and finding the most charming spots everywhere he goes. 

Thanks to his Italian roots, he’s always had an eye for beauty and details, which has consequently evolved into a big passion for high end fashion and design. 


With a law degree under his belt and a passion for fashion and travel, Francesco Innocenti juggles the Milanese lifestyle with a constant desire to explore the world.

He found in photography the creative outlet to express himself fully. This interest led to his starting an Instagram account, @francinnocenti, back in 2014 that developed a huge following since then.

His clean aesthetic and international appeal made him the perfect choice for numerous high-quality brands in the lifestyle, travel and fashion business.