We are Andrea and Francesco, travel + lifestyle content creators based in Milan.


Our work is mostly focused on the visual impact of images and videos; we strongly believe that through a series of pictures we can tell engaging stories about what the world has to offer. 
andyjam.com was founded in early 2017, and it's a place where we delve deeper into all of our experiences. We felt like instagram wasn't enough for us to tell all of our stories and share as much as we want, so we felt the need to have our own personal space to play with.  Our goal is to now make our blog more personal and more engaging for our readers.     

Andrea was born in Italy 24 years ago, but he always felt a very big passion for exploring the world, in part thanks to his family. As a young adult, he felt like being locked up in a room studying or in a class wasn't for him... and that's when instagram came into play. When he opened his instagram account, he began sharing photos from his daily life in Milan and his trips. He soon after started growing a big following both nationally and internationally, which led him to traveling and exploring even more than expected, turning his biggest passion into his job. 
With a big love for discovering, walking around for hours on a warm spring day, having brunch at a cozy café, fashion, or being up to date with all the newest trends, the desire to capture places all around the world helped him develop his passion for photography.


With a law degree under his belt and a passion for food and travel, Francesco Innocenti juggles the Milanese lifestyle with a constant desire to explore the world.

He found in photography the creative outlet to express himself fully. This interest led him to start an Instagram account, @framboisejam, over a year and an half ago that developed a huge following since then.

His clean aesthetic and international appeal made him the perfect choice for numerous high-quality brands in the lifestyle, travel and food business.